DOUBLE BREASTED-How to Pull Off a Double Breast Coat

    your breast just got double bruh

    Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a minute but before you crucify me hear me first. Ive been in deep research of quality content for you guys (sounded like a spy in deep undercover ops!). Moreover, the past few weeks have just been crazy at school. Now that we back let’s get down to business.

    At least every gent out there has a blazer that they put on when they go to the office, events or even that one blazer you take out once a year and dust off to attend a ruracio. Regardless of when you use it all comes down to the question of which kind of blazer you are wearing.

    Lately I’ve been crushing on double breasted blazers and honestly I don’t see it ending soon. It’s one of those armors you equip yourself with when you are in pursuit of making a bold fashion statement or just stand out. Its certain a double breast blazer, breathes more life to a man since it takes the single breast lapel and pulls it further across the body. Moreover, the high peak lapels are pointed outwards exuding sophistication that undisputedly every man is in pursuit of.

    For this look I wore a navy blue double breasted blazer with golden buttons, grey pair of pants and a brown pair of oxford shoes. For the record this is just one of the many ways you could pull off a double breasted blazer.

    Let me know which type of blazer you prefer. Kwaheri!




    It’s the coat season

    With this unpredictable Nairobi weather it’s almost impossible to consider yourself armored without an overcoat. Wait! Before we go too far we need to understand that overcoats and trench coat are two different things. Overcoats are sturdy and heavy coats that hit just above the ankles or just above the knees. the difference comes with features that make the trench coats stand out. It is often double breasted, full cut and has a coordinating belt.

    I was talking to my friends some time back about these clothes that you buy then preserve because you purchased them for a specific date or season somewhere in the future and don’t want to run the risk of using them before then. That’s exactly what has been happening to this coat, but now that june-july months are here who am I to cage this beast further!

    It is important to note that, when purchasing an overcoat, functionality is just as important as Aestheticity.It would be a huge waste on investment when your overcoat looks good but does not shield you from the cold as intended to. Let me know what you think down below.




    its not just any Friday

    Everyone loves Friday .That homestretch before the weekend.That  day you get that feeling  of accomplishment(or rather procrastination.)By nature Friday is a laid back day and Casual Friday just brings brings more reason to look forward to Friday!

    Casual Friday is a way of self expression from the strict weekday  uniform and an opportunity to display your individual style.However with casual Friday there comes  a fair share of serious fashion faux-pas.Ranging from wearing branded stuff, poor colour coordination and wearing of trends that are either outdated or don’t match one’s personality.

    For this look I went simple . To be really honest , I’m in love with this blazer ,especially its ability to fit in different settings, but that’s a story for another day .Dark blue jeans, Brown oxford shoes, Dockers belt, lapel pin from Ocell Luxury and a brown Envelope bag from Killimal Kenya .Let me know you think on the comment section below. Ciao!


    Location:University of Nairobi




    My love for chinos goes deeper

    In my previous post on chinos, I came up with tips and a sample of how lads can style their chinos. It is important to mention the shock that was evident when guys realized on the previous post, what they used to call khakis is actually ‘chino’.

    Just like earlier mentioned, the versatility of chinos allows them to be dressed casually. Actually the pool of combinations from which one could choose to style chinos is so large that it is almost impossible to go wrong.

    From polo shirts to henley’s V-necks to round necks and even African prints. To be honest, of late my favorite go to pair of pants are the chinos. (That’s a secret between us )

    For this casual look, I wore a black polo shirt. (MeronaTM), A brown belt. (Dockers), Burgundy pair of chinos. (Ralph Lauren) Black sneakers.(KM)

    With that I hope I’ve improved your knowledge on chinos. Let me know what you think below.