Wagwaan my people! Now that the trial month is over I would like to officially wish you a happy new year. Honestly there’s really no time limit to when you can throw this wish provided it’s the first quarter of the year. Being the beginning of the year, most of us lads are really in a quest to stand out at work like the kings we are. Say no more, I got you!

I have curated a list of 3 Office Ready Outfits to Pull Off to Work. Keeping in mind I picked out these office wear outfits for men, with a view to reflect their personalities better and create an impression alongside. All you need to do is pick the one which suits your personality the best and experiment. I’ve got it all covered for you from the uptight no nonsense kinda person to the normal laid back guy at the office.


If you’re a fan of experimenting with fashion, then this outfit is exactly what you need to go for. This look is mostly for the people who work at corporate offices with top-notch meetings happening every weekend. Throw in a waist coat to break the monotonous shades of formal wear. The overcoat is perfect for Nairobi’s unpredictable weather-you never know when it’s going to get cold or rain. Wear it with confidence to create an impression!


Catch everybody’s eye with this stunning check print double breast blazer to make a statement. This look is perfect for a masculine yet sharp look and has a sophisticated touch too. This is that one look that will definitely command respect the moment you step in a room. Throw in a pocket square and a classic tie to accessorize this stunning outfit.

*peep video for outfit details


Do you believe in dressing minimally? Then we’ve found the perfect combination for you. Contrary to the name of this outfit, IT guys are not the only guys who should pull off this look. A pair of jeans paired up with Chelsea’s is just the most classic form of a casual Friday outfit for lads out there. Throw in a shawl cardigan and a dress shirt to confuse people (HR) on whether it’s a formal or a casual outfit.

check out the full look-book video on YouTube and tell me on the comment section which one was your favorite.



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  • Misha Juliet
    February 12, 2020

    IT guy always my favourite☺️. Good job 👏👏👏

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