Hoodies are one of my absolute favorite pieces as you guys can probably tell – and I love experimenting with different kind of shades and textures when it comes to hoodies and outfits as a whole. I’ve had this blazer in my wardrobe for about a year now and fortunately, I always seem to find a new way to sport it. Surprisingly this time round was no different. I was in search of a casual yet seriously stylish ensemble and sporting a blazer with a hoodie just hit the spot.

Since I was going for a stylish getup I went with a green hoodie with a zipper detail on its side. For the bottoms, I wore a lattice patterned dress pant to keep everything nice and balanced. When it comes to footwear, this looks pairs nicely with black sneakers. Although the whole look is the kind that isn’t in the rule book, you’ll need some few guidelines to wear it to the best of your ability.


  • Don’t dig out your old hoodie, a new and nice fitted hoodie will make sure you look sharp rather than sloppy.
  • Pullover designs will look smarter than zip up designs for this specific look.
  • Go for a timeless, versatile design hoodie in nice plain and neutral colours that have no logos on them.
  • Go for black or brown leather sneakers to achieve that clean look you want.
  • A nice dark blue denim paired with brown boots would also be a very good combo for a much dress up option of this look.

Hope you enjoyed this styled look!!


Bill Asura

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